Wednesday, September 24, 2008

World Vision

Marathon day is creeping ever closer. Due to some scary health issues that have creeped up in my family in the last few weeks, my training has been interrupted. Ran for the first time in a week and a half yesterday. Luckily my legs seemed to remember what they were supposed to do. This weekend, we face an 18-miler training run. Since I missed the 16-miler, this will be FOUR miles further than I've run previously. And did I mention Saturday is my birthday?

I think Tiffany and I are both ready for Nov. 3, when the marathon will be over =0) I'd also settle for cooler weather. 

Since Saturday is my 26th birthday, I'll make another appeal for my Team World Vision cause. If any of you have any spare change needing to find a worthy home, I'd appreciate a contribution. World Vision is a fantastic organization that seeks to help children, families and communities in poverty settings. They also provide help for disaster relief -- including the recent hurricanes. I'm running this marathon on their behalf, and have set a rather lofty goal of $1,000. At this point, I am nowhere close. If you have 26 cents, 26 dollars or 26,000 dollars to contribute, you may do so either in person or via the widget to the right of this blog.