Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A look back

I went back over some of my running logs from last year. Turns out my official running anniversary is Sept. 5.

It is fun to read back over the challenges I faced with those first running steps. How frustrating my first "bad" run days were. The joys of my first pair of running shoes.

Perhaps the most entertaining thing is that nothing really has changed. My distances are longer, but I still complain when a run doesn't turn out like I wanted. I still get nervous that I won't reach my goals in time. I still love putting on a pair of new running shoes for the first time. 

As the New Balance ads state, I continue to have a love/hate relationship with running. Every running day, I wake up trying to think of excuses not to run. Every cross training day, I wish I could be on the trail running. 

it is true that those first running weeks are the magical weeks of running -- every step is a new victory. Every distance is new and exciting. Although, I am finding the magic hasn't really ended. I'm still amazed at what my body is able to do. My body's fuel may even be cheaper than that of my car. Hrmmmmm... funny concept.