Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy anniversary to me

I started running after last year's labor day canoe trip. Today's 14 mile run (a record for me!) marks my 1 year anniversary, if not by date (as it isn't), then by holiday.

This morning's run caps the year's accomplishments. I went from running a quarter mile -- and struggling with it -- a year ago to running a challenging, but strong 14 miles today. That makes all the days that have seemed too hard, that I've felt I was progressing far too slowly all seem incredibly dim.

Yesterday I was reflecting that training is never ideal. Today's 14-miler came too early and too soon after a two day camping and canoeing trip. It would have been easy to call and cancel, to say that I needed to sleep in. But there is always an excuse. This year I've decided to say "no" to excuses. To train even when circumstances are not ideal. It's amazing how rewarding that is.

Here's to the first year of a lifetime of running.

Today I prove that ANYone can become a runner.