Monday, September 29, 2008

Crawling to the finish

If I can't get any comments to a post on nudist running, I may as well quit ;0)

Ran 18 miles on Saturday -- and while during the run and the hours following began to think running a marathon is the dumbest idea I've ever had, I am now insanely proud that my mental training allowed me to continue moving until hitting that 18-mile point. After two weeks of very little running, I really wasn't sure I'd make it. While I'm glad to have two weeks before the 20-miler, I'm convinced it has nothing on what I've already accomplished. 

In other news, I'm nursing my first (and hopefully last...) black toenail. It luckily is a mild case, only painful due to the blisters around it. But I imagine I will be losing at least part of a nail at some point... yay.

Bought new shoes in a larger size yesterday to solve the problem (and the problem of all my blistered toes!). While my shoe insert has helped my arches, it apparently helped crowd the front of my shoe... either that or my feet really have spread out after a year of running. Either way, it was the first pair of size 10 shoes I've ever purchased. And after 18 miles in dead shoes, having a brand new pair is REALLY nice.