Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm finding that my biggest challenge right now is mental. My head doesn't think I can do it, even when my body is fine. My weekday runs have been extremely slow, and I've even thrown a walking break here and there. I don't need it. Physically I feel fine, but my brain essentially shuts down -- and I've been listening to it.

It makes me even more glad to have Tiffany to run with on Saturdays. When I run with her, I'm not scared of speeding up a bit. We rely on each other and push each other, and therefore do more together than at least I could do alone. If only I can carry the same attitude into the rest of the week. 

My goal this week is to rock my weekday runs. I'll allow myself the slow pace on Monday if I get through the entire run without stopping. Wednesday and Thursday, I'm back at training pace -- between 10-12 minute miles. 

Anyone have mental tricks to share?