Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finding the 'want to'

My first training run last night was horrific. Forty minutes felt like an eternity, and my evil blisters returned. My friend Cassie referenced how she is finally enjoying running distance again after her half -- I responded that I still seem to be lacking my "want to." I don't necessarily WANT to run, I do so because I remember enjoying it and because I don't want this training schedule to kill me.

Cassie sent me a virtual box of "want to" about the same time I was purchasing a "want to" box of my own -- only mine had a new pair of Mizuno Wave Alchemy 7 shoes in it. After talking about it for months, I finally stopped by Tryathletics in Columbia to talk shoes. These are essentially the same as my beloved Asics 2120s, but with a bit more arch support -- which will hopefully eliminate my blistering problem. 

I love new running gear! I'm already sad that this is a cross-training day, as I'm wanting to play in my new shoes! 

Tonight's feat: 30 minutes of cycling
Have I mentioned how bad I am on a bike? Should be fun.