Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gettin' crafty

My new Nathan Speed 4 fuel belt FINALLY came in the mail yesterday. I'm so excited about having it with me on Saturday's long run. It's far too hot to be running for an hour + without water / sport drink.
Because I'm impatient, I ordered the small -- because it was the only one in stock at Performance Bike -- knowing it would be, well, too small. I figured I'd be able to rig up some sort of workable extension. 

Luckily, I figured right. I purchased some industrial-strength velcro to add to (what I believe is) the front. With the extra few inches, the belt fits comfortably around my hips, AND puts the bottles low enough and farther back enough that I won't constantly hit them with my arms. 

The belt has a small pouch in front and a larger pouch in back to carry keys and -- I hope -- a Hammer gel flask. If I use it to bike, the pouch is also perfect for my mp3 player.