Friday, June 20, 2008

I run because.... I'm insane

Seems that runners have a high percentage of news of the weird. While browsing Runner's World this morning, I found this (

Residents Bracing for Grandma's "Nervous Bladders"
By Mark Remy

Grandma's Marathon is this Saturday.

For those running it, these last few days pre-race are a time to rest up, pack, and visualize success. For homeowners in Duluth, Minn., where the race takes place, it's a time to brace for a veritable flood of urine.

Well, that may be overstating it.

But according to this Associated Press article on, residents along the course of this weekend's marathon and half-marathon are "dreading the nervous bladders" that Grandma's brings to their backyards (or front yards, or shrubs) each year.

Race officials have threatened to disqualify any runners caught relieving themselves al fresco. And if that's not enough, consider these suggestions from the comments on the original article:

Photograph the runner (don't need to see the face...their number will identify) or sit nearby with either a garden hose or a Super Soaker squirt gun loaded with water and a few drops of red vegetable dye.

Time to get the Rottweiler’s and Pit Bulls out of storage. Nothing keeps runners moving like a lunging attack dog.

Oh my - how RUDE! I would buy a taser and zap anyone peeing in my yard...


How about you? Have you ever, um, used the facilities in the out-of-doors before, during, or after a race? Ever had to face an angry bystander? Ever been tased, bro?

Wonder if this will result in a higher percentage of DNFs? Or maybe a lot of PRs from all the folks running from large dogs. Unfortunately, no one will be able to catch them to present trophies!