Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Early morning meetings

Arrived at the trail early this morning and was a bit creeped out by an unfamiliar vehicle -- the only other vehicle in the lot. The owner was still in the car, motor running. "Maybe they are also waiting for someone," I thought. I stayed in my car while waiting for Tiffany, and after a few minutes, the driver of the other vehicle got out, walked to my car and knocked on the window.

"I assume this is running club?" he asked.

I laughed, shocked, and stepped out of my car. "Uh, well, yeah, I suppose it is."

I explained that we kind of took a break over winter, and that this was the first time I'd been back in awhile -- and was fairly sure the "group" wasn't showing. As it turned out, Tiffany didn't either (and I found myself thinking, "were we scheduled for Tuesday or Thursday?"). So at a little after 5:45, this guy (whose name I forget... I'm not doing well on names this week) took off down the trail. He graciously stayed at my pace, and I tried to push to not slow him down too much. My "fast" 10 minute mile definitely seemed east for him.

I kept to low mileage, but actually enjoyed the run -- and the random meeting.