Saturday, March 14, 2009

Be the wind

While discussing our upcoming races, my friend Chuck encouraged me to "be the wind" during my long run. Honestly, I completely forgot to think about that during today's 8-miler, mostly because T and I both felt really good while we were running. But I think it will make an excellent mantra during the difficult miles that I know I'll face again!

Today's run was postponed till the afternoon due to a morning meeting I participated in. The CBF of Missouri's Coordinating Council was meeting here at my church, and I enjoyed spending time with friends I don't get to see often. There are several other runners on the council, so we inevitably ended up discussing training and past races.

During the meeting, I also received two voice mail messages from friends Becca and Mike Springstead, who both (unknowingly to the other) called me after their morning runs.

I always find it funny -- and fascinating -- how runners can't help but talk to each other about running. Chuck mentioned that it is like we know something that non-runners just can't comprehend. They don't understand the pull of the distance, and I can't imagine giving it up.