Thursday, July 24, 2008

Too important to do alone

I thought I enjoyed my alone-time runs until the 5:30 a.m. running group started. There is something about knowing that others are depending on you (which really isn't as true with the group as it is with Saturday long runs, but still -- let me dream!) to show up and the communal aspect that makes running easier and more fun. 

When I interviewed him for my faith and distance running story, Hugh mentioned that running is like church in that it is far too important to do alone. As more and more of my weekly runs become group runs (only 1 run a week is alone now), I'm finding that I am beginning to ascribe to that idea. Perhaps this is too important to do alone.

Running with a group also gives me far more reason to push myself. I always joke that Tiffany is my personal trainer, because she challenges me to run, rather than walk the crazy hills. 

Our new RouteMaster and his assistants designed perhaps the hilliest route I've run for this morning's adventure. And yet, somehow, it isn't seem all that hard. T and I kept a 12.3 minute pace, which, while slower than our average non-slow day, was pretty darn impressive for us on the route! 

We were a group of 7 this morning, which amazes me. I'm not sure I ever really believed this group would materialize, and now new people are beginning to show up! We actually had 3 (or maybe 4?) different pace groups this morning! It's exciting!

This Saturday is a 9-miler. And amazingly, it doesn't sound terrifying!