Saturday, July 5, 2008

And the angels sing...

Did NOT want to run this morning. Got back into town around 1:30 after roadtripping with the lovely Kate Murphy to Troy. We went to see some buddies of her and enjoy the fantastic Troy fireworks ;0) Good times were had.

But the idea of running at 7:30 seemed INSANE. My alarm went off in the middle of a bizarre dream (which had suddenly become a musical... go figure), and the zombie-version of me climbed out of bed to eat half a clif bar and prepare my fuel belt. It is amazing how close I came to leaving the house without shoes.

As usual, as soon as we hit the trail, I was awake. Today was a 7-miler, which reminded me of how close we are to surpassing what we covered in half marathon training. In a few weeks, 10 miles will be a rest day. Scary thought.

We made it to the top of both sides of the scary Edgewood Hill, and during the last mile, I realized that running felt GOOD. I was enjoying it. It had to be our fastest mile of the 7. Had I not been wearing the evil pair of running shorts that left me with chafing, running another few miles would have seemed like no problem. 

YAY! Running is FUN again =0)