Monday, July 28, 2008

Mental training

The crazy hard mental aspect of training has begun. On Saturday, T and I ran 9 miles in 100% humidity. As we finished the 7th mile, I was absolutely exhausted. My body wanted to quit. In fact, it not only wanted to quit -- it wanted to fall over, collapse and not move again for a week. Caffeinated gels and copious amounts of sports drink could do nothing for me at this point. Each step, instead, had to be willed. 

And we persevered. We were coated in sweat and resembled limp noodles, but we completed the 9-miler and gained a nice level of giddy endorphins (yeah, AFTER we stopped) to last until we each got home and crashed. 

In less than a month, our long runs will be beyond what I've ever done. And I'm so thankful I have a running partner who inspires me to keep going just by showing up and pounding out these miles with me. I'm becoming more and more impressed with the mental strength of those who train for endurance events alone. I would have quit a thousand times already. 

This business is stinkin' hard. Yet somehow, every step is worth it.