Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If I could turn back time

Turns out, I'm not dead last. But it wasn't for lack of being the last one across the line. According to the results, I either moved so slow in the second half that I reversed time and won the marathon, or I'm still on the course somewhere, searching for the finish. I prefer to think the first option is true. I've always wanted to win a race and defy the laws of physics. Guess Sunday was my lucky day.

I suppose the real answer lies in the fact that the folks back at the finish FORGOT about me and started shutting equipment down right as I arrived. They saw me and restarted music, but apparently the sensor didn't kick on. One of the officials went to check it and assured me that they "had me," but alas, I only have a split time (3:09) and an empty spot for time and pace.

Kinda sad, as I'll never know my official time -- but fun in that someone checking results sees MY name right above the 1st place finisher (who, by the way, finished the race 12 minutes and 1 second before I reached the halfway point!). And I learned that there were only 320 finishers. And as I don't actually have a ranking, my buddy Judy (not Judi, as I spelled it before) is officially dead last, having arrived at the finish shortly before me =0)