Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The fever is back

Today was the first truly cold run of the year. According to the weather channel, it was in the 20s this morning. I'm sure my Canadian friends are laughing at me, but to this midwesterner who grew up in Louisiana -- the 20s are cold! I pulled out my almost-tights, and layered up -- long-sleeve tech shirt, vest, running jacket -- threw on my running gloves and ear warmers, and even broke out my Thorlos socks (granted, they are thin on top and only ankle-high). 

Today's 3-miler felt a LOT better than the around 2.5 last Thursday. Still felt heavy, but I was no longer fighting through jell-o. Always a positive.

My friend Sarah just ran the Rock 'n Roll Marathon, and I found myself jealous. Chicago is beginning to feel really far away. Granted, I'm planning to run the Go! St. Louis half again, but I'm finding I have marathon fever. 

Perhaps part of it is due to talking to Jessimo and possibly convincing her (and therefore Mike) to run Chicago with me. The dates aren't posted yet, but I find myself starting to mentally solidify plans. Three miles doesn't feel normal yet, but 26.2 is appealing. Go figure.