Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fulfilling dreams

Friends of mine associated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Missouri recently returned from a trip to Kenya. While I haven't had the opportunity to hear many stories yet, the photos are heartbreaking -- pictures of kids that will melt your heart. One series of photos, in Kibera -- the largest slum in East Africa -- reminded me of a short film I saw last year over my birthday weekend at the Manhattan Short Film Festival. "I Want to Be a Pilot" follows a young boy who lives in Kibera with the text of a poem over it. View it at

In many ways, this marathon journey has been about my own dream. I wanted to push myself past the limits -- to do the impossible. When I started running, a 5k sounded huge. I thought about that first race this morning -- how I was so proud to pick up my race packet. How I felt the constant need to prove that I was a runner. I hadn't yet figured out how supportive the running community is -- they had never questioned whether or not I was a runner. 

I'll be walking into that same building to pick up my marathon race packet. And, from what I understand, I'll be crossing the same finish line -- running through an open garage-style door into the Bass Pro building. I'm doing the impossible, and next Sunday, my dream will be fulfilled.

But I also race because there are many out there who don't have the resources they need to meet their dreams. Like the little boy in "I Want to Be a Pilot," their dreams consist of regular meals, security and the opportunity to love and be loved. Among my friend's photos was a picture of a World Vision sign -- a beacon of hope. The sign was a reminder that these children and families are not forgotten. And that I - that WE - have an opportunity to help make dreams a reality in a very broken world. 

That photo made me proud to be a part of Team World Vision. My training has made what seemed impossible a reality. I am so thankful for my sponsors who are helping to make impossible dreams a reality for those who desperately deserve it. 

You may also notice that I am nowhere near my fundraising goal. If you have a few extra dollars, I ask you to visit my Team World Vision fundraising page. Not all of us can visit Africa, but we can help make a difference in lives around the world. 

Anything is possible.