Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Foot Transplant

"Maybe you should consider exchanging your feet." That was the advice I received from Jen at Fleet Feet in St. Peters, MO. So I called my doc, who set me up with a specialist -- my foot transplant surgery is scheduled for early next week. 

Or not. But it certainly sounds like a good possibility.

The latest culprit in my foot troubles: the double-layered socks I've been wearing to PREVENT blisters. Apparently, they have a tendency to CAUSE blisters beneath toes when unsuspecting sock wearers try to grip the bottom of their shoes with their toes. 

Sounds completely plausible -- here's hoping the new SINGLE-layered socks I purchased (as all my others are worn out) work. 

I think I came pretty close to stumping both employees at Fleet Feet. "Are you wearing synthetic socks?" Yes. "Have you tried Body Glide?" Sure have. "Did the inserts make your shoes too small?" Yes -- so I bought a pair a full size larger. "Oh. You've tried everything." Yes. Yes, I have. Thanks.

They agreed that putting duct tape on toes didn't sound like the best idea in the world. 

I also bought some Gu to try. I haven't used anything but Hammer gels and thought I'd give Gu a shot (but not a shot blok!) on this Saturday's 10-miler. 

2.5 weeks till marathon day. How did training fly by so quickly??? I have so many fears and excitements and dreads... I want the race to be tomorrow so I can get it over with, in a month so I have more time to train, and 3 years from now, so I'll still have a goal to aim for. I'm terrified I won't make it, or that I won't make it the same day I start (John Bingham's goal). What if I'm a DNF (did not finish)? What if I take a wrong turn and end up in Bolivar instead of the finish line? What if I fall over dead .2 miles away from the finish line? 

Ultimately I believe I will finish. If I have to pay observers to drag me across the line, I will. My fears lie more in HOW I will finish. While I expect to be hurting and 6+ miles past every fiber in my body wanting to quit, I want to finish well. I want to have muscle stiffness, not injury-type pain. I want to be able to enjoy the moment of having the medal hung around my neck. I want to have the desire to run again at some point in the future. 

I'm already scared of the post-marathon letdown. I didn't expect to get here so quickly. What do I aim for next? I don't have any ultramarathon ambition... 

I suppose, just like in training -- and in life, I just need to take this one step at a time. Why worry about the post-marathon when I haven't made it to the starting line?