Friday, January 23, 2009

Registration... check!

Finally took the time to register for Go! St. Louis. registration always includes the question "is this your first half marathon or marathon?" It was fun to be able to answer "no" for the first time.

Now that I'm over the winter season depression, I'm really looking forward to this race. Last time I ran a half marathon, the distance was brand new. Those last miles were REALLY hard. After completing the marathon, running 13.1 with thousands of other folks in downtown St. Louis just sounds fun. And while I plan to train hard and hope to set a new PR on the course, realizing that this race will be just for enjoyment really makes me happy.

It is strange not to have the "oh no! what did I just do??" feeling after hitting the "submit" button on registration. Half marathon, you no longer scare me! (someone remind me of that the week before race day!)