Monday, August 4, 2008

Trail of Spuds?

On Saturday morning's long run, as we approached the hill I've dubbed "Mount Moriah," I noticed a potato lying in the middle of the trail. Tiffany didn't notice it, and as it was incredibly humid and I was sweating buckets and trying to ignore the pain from my blister, I thought maybe I was hallucinating ;0)

Not so. As we walked back (T was kind enough to walk with my on the return trip, as I decided it was dumb to keep running with my foot the way it was -- it was a low mileage week for a reason... didn't want to make things worse for the 10-miler this next Saturday), realized it was definitely a potato. No idea what it was doing on the trail. 

Guess someone decided they would need the carbs before the hill on their next run =0)

On the blister note, I've found coating the site in chafing cream and wrapping with an Ace bandage has helped a LOT. Tuesday evening, I'm heading back to Columbia, so I plan to stop in at Starting Block and see what options I have for shoe inserts... I'm hoping there is an easy solution. And unless I hear otherwise, I'm going to switch back to the Asics 2120s for the rest of marathon training. I think the Mizunos have caused more trouble than help. Plus, since the 2120s are being retired, they are REALLY cheap these days!