Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trekking on

Running, running, running. Haven't posted here, because everything seems rather routine recently. T and I still meet for Tuesday/Thursday runs -- of about 30-40 minutes. Weekend runs have been a bit more up in the air because I've been traveling a lot. And when I'm not, she often is. So "long run days" have often been more along the lines of a shorter tempo run. I need to fix that.

Gearing up for the fall training season. Still trying to figure out if my school schedule will allow me to run the Bass Pro half this year. Since it is a Sunday, I should be able to swing it. It would be nice to get back down to Springtown, and I'm fairly hopeful I could set a new PR.

Only problem: as of next month, I'm on my own. Moving to St. Louis, so I lose my running partner. I've run 7 miles alone, but it has been awhile -- and the thought of doing more than that by myself is rather scary. In a sense, I'll be relearning how to run. Most I've run alone in recent months is about 5k.

I've started looking into StL running groups, but nothing seems particularly appealing yet. Guess I need to wait until I'm in town and start exploring options. I don't particularly want to lose the social part of running! I've seen a lot of listings for running partners, but those folks tend to be either significantly faster than I am, or aiming for a run/walk plan.

Hoping to shed 10 pounds by my birthday -- and hoping it will shed another 30 seconds or more off my pace!